2022 Victorian state election

election for the 60th Parliament of Victoria

The 2022 Victorian state election was held on 26 November 2022 to elect the 60th Parliament of Victoria, including 87 of the 88 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 40 seats in the Legislative Council. The seat of Narracan was not up for election, with the election there being postponed due to the death of a candidate, causing a by-election. The election was conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).

2022 Victorian state election

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All 88 seats in the Victorian Legislative Assembly
All 40 seats in the Victorian Legislative Council
45 Assembly seats are needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Daniel Andrews Matthew Guy Samantha Ratnam
Party Labor Liberal/National coalition Greens
Leader's seat Mulgrave Bulleen MLC for Northern
Last election 55 seats 27 seats 3 seats
Seats before 55 27 3
Seats won 56 28 4
Seat change Increase 1 Increase 1 Increase 1
First preference vote 1,339,496 1,260,100 420,201
Percentage 36.66% 34.48% 11.50%
Swing Decrease 6.20 Decrease 0.71 Increase 0.79
TPP 55.00% 45.00%
TPP swing Decrease 2.30 Increase 2.30

Premier before election

Daniel Andrews

Premier after election

Daniel Andrews

The incumbent Labor government, led by Premier Daniel Andrews, won a third term in government, opposed by the Liberal/National Coalition, led by Matthew Guy.

The election was referred to by many as a referendum on the Andrews government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which notably involved several unpopular lockdowns. However, the Andrews government was re-elected with the Labor Party's second highest number of seats in Victorian history, despite a two-party swing against them of 2.50%.

  1. The election in the seat of Narracan was deferred to 28 January 2023.[1]


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