2023 Ecuadorian political crisis

event in Ecuador

A political crisis began in Ecuador on 17 May 2023 because the impeachment trial against President Guillermo Lasso. The impeachment process began in the National Assembly on 9 May and lasted until 17 May when Lasso dissolved parliament through the constitutional measure known as muerte cruzada ("mutual death").[1] This ended of the impeachment inquiry, it dissolved the National Assembly and caused an earlier general election.[2]

2023 Ecuadorian political crisis
Lasso appearing before the National Assembly during his impeachment inquiry on 16 May 2023, the day before he invoked muerte cruzada
Date17 May 2023 – 24 May 2023
TypeParliamentary crisis
CausePresident Guillermo Lasso invoked muerte cruzada
OutcomeDissolution of the National Assembly
2023 general election triggered


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