2023 New Zealand general election

October 2023 parliamentary election in New Zealand

The 2023 New Zealand general election was held on 14 October 2023 to determine the 54th Parliament of New Zealand. Voters elected 120 members to the New Zealand House of Representatives under the mixed-member proportional (MMP) voting system, a proportional representation system in which 72 members were elected from single-member electorates and 48 members from closed party lists.

2023 New Zealand general election

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← 53rd New Zealand Parliament
54th New Zealand Parliament →

All 123 seats in the House of Representatives, including three overhang seats.[a]
62 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
Turnout2,883,412 (78.2%; Decrease 4.04 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
Christopher Luxon (52535372229) (cropped).jpg
Leader Christopher Luxon Chris Hipkins James Shaw
Marama Davidson
Party National Labour Green
Leader's seat Botany Remutaka List
Last election 33 seats, 25.58% 65 seats, 50.01% 10 seats, 7.86%
Seats before 34 62 9
Seats won 48 34 15
Seat change Increase 14 Decrease 28 Increase 6
Electorate vote 984,148
Increase 9.32
Decrease 16.84
Increase 2.52
Party vote 1,085,016
Increase 12.48
Decrease 23.10
Increase 3.74

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
David Seymour at NZDA Southern Lakes National Conference 2019 (cropped).jpg
Winston Peters, 2019.jpg
Leader David Seymour Winston Peters Debbie Ngarewa-Packer
Rawiri Waititi
Party ACT NZ First Te Pāti Māori
Leader's seat Epsom List Te Tai Hauāuru
(won seat)
Last election 10 seats, 7.59% 0 seats, 2.60% 2 seats, 1.17%
Seats before 10 0 2
Seats won 11 8 6
Seat change Increase 1 Increase 8 Increase 4
Electorate vote 118,953
Increase 1.99
Increase 1.73
Increase 1.73
Party vote 246,409
Increase 1.05
Increase 3.48
Increase 1.91

Prime Minister before election

Chris Hipkins

Subsequent Prime Minister

Christopher Luxon

The incumbent centre-left Labour majority government, led by Chris Hipkins, tried to win a third term in government. However, they were defeated by the centre-right National Party, led by Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon, in a landslide. National will need support from the ACT party (and possibly also New Zealand First) to form government.

At the 2020 election, the centre-left Labour Party, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, won an outright majority in the House. The main opponents to the Labour government is the centre-right National Party, led by Christopher Luxon, and the right-wing ACT party, led by David Seymour.

On 19 January 2023, Ardern announced she would resign as Labour leader and prime minister before 7 February.[1]

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Notes change

  1. Two overhang seat will be added due to Te Pāti Māori winning more Māori electorate seats than total seats distributed among MMP, and one due to the death of a candidate in Port Waikato, triggering the 2023 Port Waikato by-election.

References change

  1. Malpass, Luke (2023-01-19). "Live: Jacinda Ardern announces she will resign as prime minister by February 7th". Stuff. Retrieved 2023-01-19.

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