Aérospatiale SA-341 Gazelle

light helicopter family by Sud Aviation, later Aerospatiale

The Aérospatiale SA-341 Gazelle is a French helicopter designed and built by Aérospatiale. It was also built under licence in UK by Westland as Westland Gazelle for Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Some were built and used by Yugoslavia as SOKO SA-341 Partizan. It was used for anti-tank, reconnaissance and training. Many are also used for private helicopter.

Aérospatiale SA-331 Gazelle
Gazelle HD 16320.jpg
Aérospatiale SA-341 Gazelle of the French army
Role Helicopter
National origin France
Manufacturer Aérospatiale.
First flight 1967
Introduction 1973
Primary user French Army
Produced until 1996.
Number built 1775.
RAF's Westland Gazelle.


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