Aar Dheel

Aar Dheel was the seventeenth garaad guud of the reer darawiish tribe. This means he was the 17th supreme chieftain of the reer darawiish tribe. Aar dheel was the immediate successor to Diiriye Guure, the 16th Dhulbahante king. Similar to Diiriye Guure, Aar Dheel was not in the line of Dhulbahante succession of hereditary kings. Rather, he was made successor Dhulbahante king after Diiriye Guure because he was a regent and the closest living relative to the royal families. Although the predecessor Dhulbahante chieftain Diiriye Guure was called a Sultan, Aar Dheel went back to being called garaad.[1][2][3]


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