Aargau Jura Park is a protected area in Switzerland. It is in the Swiss canton of Aargau, north of Aarau, between the Aare and Rhine rivers. It has an area of 241 square kilometers (93 square miles) and reaches heights of up to 350 meters (1,150 ft) above the valley floor.[1]

Landscape of Jurapark Aargau
Map of Jurapark Aargau

The park is mainly located on the Jurassic Plateau, between Frick and Villigen. It includes the Aargau Jura mountains and valleys. There are sparse pine forests, fruit orchards, rocky steppes, dry meadows, and terraced vineyards in the northern part of the park. In the southern region there are forests and wildlife.[2]

In the past, villages Herznach and Wölfinswil mined ore in the park and left many studs. A mining tunnel was excavated and made accessible to visitors.

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