Adam Falckenhagen

German composer and lutenist

Adam Falckenhagen (26 April 1697 – 6 October 1754) was a German composer and lutenist (somebody who plays the lute). He was one of the last baroque composers to write music for the lute.

Adam Falckenhagen

Life change

Falckenhagen was born in Großdalzig, a city near Leipzig. He learned to play the lute and the harpsichord. From 1719-1720 he studied in the Leipzig University. Between 1720 and 1727 he worked in Weißenfels as a court musician. He went to Dresden to study with Sylvius Leopold Weiss. In 1734 he moved to Bayreuth. He worked for Margrave Frederick of Bayreuth. He died in Bayreuth on 6 October 1754.[1]

References change

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