Ahmad Khan Kharal

Rai Ahmad Khan Kharal (Urdu: رائے احمد خان کھرَل ‎), also called Amo Kharal (1785-1857) was a Punjabi freedom-fighter and Folk hero, who fought against the British Raj in the Indian Rebellion of 1857.[1]


Amo Kharal was born in a rich landowning family of the Kharal Rajput Clan in the Sandal Bar region of Punjab, in Jhamara village near Tāndliānwāla Faisalabad District. As a young man he fought against the rising Sikh power led by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.[2] Later on, as an old man in his 70s, when the rebellion broke out against the British, he also raised a force to fight against them.[3]

Struggle and deathEdit

Amo Kharal was quite successful in helping the local people and keeping them safe from British troops, keeping up a guerilla warfare against them,[4] for some months. On 26th July 1857, Amo Kharal went with a force to attack the Gogera Jail (now in Sahiwal District) to release some of his companions arrested by the enemy, but was ambushed by them and their local allies.[4] Amo Kharal and his assistant, Sarang, were both killed, fighting bravely.[1]

The deeds of this brave and noble warrior are still remembered and sung by Punjabi poets in dholas and vars, types of poems.[1]


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