machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air other than the reactions of the air against the earth’s surface

An aircraft is a flying machine.

A hot air balloon is a kind of non-powered aircraft

The word aircraft originally meant airships and balloons. It comes from the words air and craft, a term from boating as were many early aviation words.

There are many different kinds of aircraft.

Some aircraft keep in the sky by moving air over their wings. Examples are aeroplanes, helicopters, and gliders. Some aircraft keep in the sky by floating. Examples are balloons and airships.

Most aircraft use engine power. Examples are aeroplanes, helicopter, and airships. Gliders and balloons use no power. A few aircraft use muscle power.

Big aeroplanes for transporting people are called airliners. Airliners are the quickest way to travel. Airliners can fly over mountains and bad weather. Airliners have complex technology to make them fly quickly, safely and for less money.

A few fighter aircraft can fly at 3,200 km/h (2,000 mph).

The person who drives an aircraft is called the pilot.

Many aircraft vehicles have replaced ocean liners by the late 20th century.[source?]

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These are the largest aircrafts. They are:

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