All Night Nippon

Japanese midnight radio program by Nippon Hoso

All Night Nippon (オールナイトニッポン) (a.k.a. All Night and ANN) is a Japanese radio program broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System

All Night Nippon
GenreLate-night talk show
Running time4 hours
Country Japan
Home stationNippon Broadcasting System
Air datessince October 1, 1967
WebsiteOfficial site

Popular cultureEdit

In 1986, Nintendo made All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros., a special Family Computer Disk System version of Super Mario Bros., as a contest prize for listeners. The game mostly had levels from the first Super Mario Bros., though it also had some levels, graphics, and other changes from the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2. Some enemies, characters, and level elements had their graphics changed to be like people or symbols from All Night Nippon or the Nippon Broadcasting System.[1]


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