Amanda Leigh

album by Mandy Moore

Amanda Leigh is a 2009 pop record from musician Mandy Moore. The album has eleven songs and five bonus tracks. Songs on the album include "Merrimack River", "Fern Dell" and "Love to Love Me Back".


At Metacritic the album received a score of 70. That means "generally favorable reviews".[1]

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B+. They said that it was "much more fun" than Wild Hope. They liked the songs "Merrimack River", "Pocket Philosopher", and "Song About Home."[2] The album was at the top of the website's Must List the week it was released.[3]

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic wrote the album is a "clean, classy collection of AAA pop."[4]

IGN wrote, "With Amanda Leigh, Moore has succeeded in crafting a personal record that is entertaining, even compelling at times, but isn't weighed down by heavy themes, misguided irony, or complex arrangements."[5]


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