American Campaign Medal

military award of the US Armed Forces

The American Campaign Medal is a military award of the United States Armed Forces which was first created on November 6, 1942, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[1][2]

American Campaign Medal
American Campaign Medal
Awarded by Department of War and Department of the Navy
TypeService medal
EligibilityU.S. military service in the American Theater for at least 30 days outside the U.S. or 1 year inside the U.S. between December 7, 1941, and March 2, 1946.
First awardedDecember 7, 1941
Last awardedMarch 2, 1946
EquivalentAsiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
Next (lower)World War II Victory Medal

American Campaign Medal ribbon and streamer

Streamer for American Campaign Medal
Service ribbon and campaign streamer

The medal was seen to recognize those military members who had performed military service in the American Theater of Operations during World War II.


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