Ancient Moirang

An early civilization in the southern part of the present day Manipur

Ancient Moirang, also known as Keke Moirang,[1] was an ancient civilization that flourished in the southern plains of the present day Manipur, India.[2][3][4][5][6] The Keke Kangla served as the capital city of the kingdom since time immemorial.[7] The major body of accounts related to the history, literature, mythology of the kingdom are collectively called Moirang Kangleirol.

Khuman Khamba and Moirang Thoibi performing a devotional dance before the pantheon of Lord Ebudhou Thangjing Temple in Ancient Moirang.



The kingdom flourished about the same time as the Chinese Golden Ages. The period started from 52 BC in Moirang and 208 BC in China.[8]

Genealogy of ancient rulers


The Moirang Ningthourol (genealogy of the ancient rulers) were calculated with reference to many ancient texts, including the Cheitharol Kumpapa.[9]

Administration and Commerce


The Iwang Puriklai (ruler of Moirang) was the absolute monarch of the kingdom. For a smooth and sound administration, the kingdom was divided into eight leikais (wards or sectors). Along with this division, there were also nine organized marketplaces.[10] There were various institutions of the Phamnaiba Loishangs (Offices hold by Scholars), for smooth and proper conduct of the Thangjing Haraoba in the kingdom.[11]



The ancient people worshipped Lord Thangjing, the presiding deity, as the founder of the kingdom.[12][13]



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