Andasol Solar Power Station

Concentrated solar thermal power station in Spain
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Andasol Solar Power Station is a large solar thermal power plant, near Guadix in Andalusia, in the province of Granada, one of the sunniest regions in Spain. The plant will cost 310 million euros and is currently under construction.[4]

Andasol Solar Power Station
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Andasol Solar Power Station
Locationnear Guadix, Granada
Coordinates37°13′42.70″N 3°4′6.73″W / 37.2285278°N 3.0685361°W / 37.2285278; -3.0685361Coordinates: 37°13′42.70″N 3°4′6.73″W / 37.2285278°N 3.0685361°W / 37.2285278; -3.0685361
Commission date2009
Owner(s)Cubico Sustainable Investments (Andasol 1&2)[1]
Stadtwerke München
MAN Ferrostaal
Solar farm
CSP technologyParabolic trough
Site resource2,136 kWh/m2/yr
Site area600 hectares (1,483 acres)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity149.7 MW
Capacity factor37.7%[2]
Annual net output495 GWh[3]
Storage capacity1,123 MW·he
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Andasol will have a generating capacity of 50 megawatts and liquid salt heat storage will allow for electricity to be generated for seven hours after the sun has gone down. Annual electricity production will be 179 gigawatt hours which will cover the electricity demands of 50,000 households or 200,000 people.[4]

Andasol should be completed in mid-2008 and a second plant, Andasol 2, is planned.[4]

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