Anglo-Saxon runes

system of runes for Old English

The Anglo-Saxon runes are runes that were used from the 5th to the 8th century. It extends Elder Futhark from 24 to between 26 and 33 characters. Like the Elder Futhark, it is named after the first few letters in the series: These transliterate to Futhorc in modern English. The script was used to record Old English and Old Frisian. Inscriptions using Futhorc are rare after the 9th century, and completely disappear after the Norman conquest.

Franks Casket vorne links.jpg
Franks Casket contains a riddle in Futhorc
Spoken languagesOld English and Old Frisian
Time period5th through 11th centuries
Parent systems
Sister systemsYounger Futhark
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