Anna Muzychuk

Ukrainian chess player

Anna Muzychuk [1] (born 28 February 1990) is the third-rated woman chess player in the world. She earned the title of Woman Grandmaster in 2004, and the title of

Anna Muzychuk
Muzychuk Anna.jpg
Full nameAnna Olegivna Muzychuk
FIDE rating2535 (June 2021) 2598
(#3 ranked woman in the May 2012 FIDE world rankings)
Peak rating2598 (May 2012)

Grandmaster in 2012. In 2004 she became a member of the Slovenian chess federation, where she is the strongest female chess player. Her younger sister Mariya is an International master.

Muzychuk has played on first board for the Slovenian team since 2004. In 36th Chess Olympiad, she defeated, among others, the former Women's World Chess Champion grandmaster Antoaneta Stefanova. In the 37th Chess Olympiad she helped the Slovenian women's team, seeded 17th, to finished tenth.


  1. Ukrainian: Анна Оле́гівна Музичук; Slovenian: Ana Muzičuk

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