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Antisuppressor is a mutation with the response against suppression effects of nonsense suppression or suppression chemicals.[1][2][3][2]

In 1976, Rieger, Michaelis, and Green have been stated:

"antisuppressor – a mutation which countreacts suppressor effects (→ nonsense suppression). Antisuppressor mutations can occur in any of the folowing components affecting the → genetic translation system (Cox 1973):

  1. A ribosomal component affecting codon-anticodon recognition or tRNA binding.
  2. A termination factor altered in such a way that synthesis polypeptide release from the ribosome is enhanced thus decreasing the efficiency of suppression.
  3. An enzyme affecting → suppressor tRNA (either an → aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase, a base modifying enzyme affecting the anticodon, an enzyme modifaying a base or bases involved in ribosome binding, an enzyme affecting tRNA maturation, or a factor controling total tRNA)."[4]

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