Antoine Forqueray

French composer and gambist

Antoine Forqueray (September 1672 – 28 June 1745) was a French composer and viola da gamba player.

Antoine Forqueray.

Forqueray was born in Paris. At the age of ten, he played a bass de violon for King Louis XIV. King Louis was impressed by Forqueray's skills. He asked somebody to teach Forqueray the bass viol.

Forqueray worked for the French court. He played for the king and visitors to the French court. In 1689 he became musicien ordinaire of the chambre du roi. He was the music teacher of the Duke of Orléans.

He married Henriette-Angélique Houssu in 1697. Their marriage was not happy. His wife left Forqueray five times. They separated in 1710.

Forqueray was mainly a composer for the viol. He wrote over 300 pieces of music. However, only a few survive today. His music was virtuosic and contain unusual harmonies.

His son, Jean-Baptiste Forqueray made arrangements of his works.


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