Anton Mauve

Dutch painter (1838–1888)

Anthonij (Anton) Rudolf Mauve (18 September 1838, Zaandam, North Holland – 5 February 1888, Arnhem) was a Dutch realist painter who was a leading member of the Hague School. He signed his paintings 'A. Mauve' or with a monogrammed 'A.M.'. He had a great influence on his cousin-in-law Vincent van Gogh.

Anton Mauve
Known forPainting
Patron(s)Goupil & Cie

Mauve mostly painted people and animals shown outdoors. The paining Morning Ride shows well-dressed riders at the coast of the sea, as they ride away from the viewer. One detail which is uncommon, but shows his realism are the horse droppings shown in the foreground of the picture. His best-known paintings show peasants working in the fields, and sheep-herding scenes.

a group of well dressed equestrians, the lady riding sidesaddle, descend from the dunes to the beach at Scheveningen towards the bathing huts, their horses leaving droppings in the sand
Morning Ride on the Beach (1876), oil on canvas, Rijksmuseum

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