Apennine Mountains

mountain range stretching 1200 km from the north to the south of Italy, traversing the entire peninsula, and forming the backbone of the country
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The Apennines are mountains in Italy. Their highest mountain is Corno Grande which is 2,912 metres high. The Apennines have three main parts: the Northern Apennines, the Central Apennines and the Southern Apennines.

Apennine Mountains
Highest point
PeakCorno Grande (Great Horn)
Elevation2,912 m (9,554 ft)
Coordinates42°28′9″N 13°33′57″E / 42.46917°N 13.56583°E / 42.46917; 13.56583
Length1,200 km (750 mi) northwest to southeast
Width250 km (160 mi) southwest to northeast
Native nameMonti Appennini  (Italian)
Relief map of the Apennines
CountriesItaly and San Marino
Range coordinates43°16.9′N 12°34.9′E / 43.2817°N 12.5817°E / 43.2817; 12.5817
Age of rockMesozoic for formation of rock,
Neogene-Quaternary for orogeny
Type of rockApennine fold and thrust belt

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