Armenian Premier League

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The Armenian Premier League is the top football competition in Armenia.



It was founded by the Football Federation of Armenia in 1992. From 1936 to 1991, the games were held as a regional tournament within the USSR. For the first three years the season ran from spring to fall, but since the 1995-1996 season has run from summer to spring. The league currently consists of six teams, and the worst teams relegates to the Armenian First League. Over the years, the league has shrunk from a league consisting of only eight teams to six teams. and

2015–16 teams



Year Winner Runner-up
1992 Shirak Banants
Homenetmen (Pyunik)
1993 Ararat Yerevan Shirak
1994 Shirak Homenetmen (Pyunik)
1995 No Winner
1995–96 Pyunik Shirak
1996–97 Pyunik Ararat Yerevan
1997 Yerevan Shirak
1998 Tsement Ararat Shirak
1999 Shirak Ararat Yerevan
2000 Araks Ararat Ararat Yerevan
2001 Pyunik Zvartnots AAL
2002 Pyunik Shirak
2003 Pyunik Banants
2004 Pyunik Mika
2005 Pyunik Mika
2006 Pyunik Banants
2007 Pyunik Banants
2008 Pyunik Ararat Yerevan
2009 Pyunik Mika
2010 Pyunik Banants
2011 Ulisses Gandzasar
2012–13 Shirak Mika
2013–14 Banants Shirak
2014–15 Pyunik Ulisses
2015–16 Alashkert Shirak

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