Armitage Shanks

British bathroom & plumbing manufacturer

Armitage Shanks is a porcelain sanitary-ware company that started in 1969.[1] Its headquarters are in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. Its main product is toilets, but it also makes bathroom fixtures and plumbing supplies. They have eight factories. A punk rock music band from the 1990s is named after them.[2]

An Armitage Shanks urinal

Armitage Shanks is made up of two older companies. Armitage started in 1817, when Thomas Bond started a pottery at Armitage, in Staffordshire.[1] They began making toilets in the 1850s. The second company was Shanks which started making toilets at Barrhead near Glasgow, Scotland in 1878.[1] The two companies joined together in 1969.

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