Art museum

building or space for the exhibition of art (for institution, use Q3196771)
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An art museum or art gallery is a place where works of arts are shown for people to look at. These works of art are usually paintings, but they can also be sculptures, photographs or other visual art works. Most art museums are open for the public to visit, but there are also some which are private.

The Louvre in Paris is a famous art museum.

What distinguishes an art museum from other galleries is that it owns the works of art. A museum has staff called "curators", who are expert on art. Art museums are often used to help teach students about the history of art. There are about 700 university art museums and galleries in the United States.[1]

World famous Art Museums[2]

Name Country Opened
British Museum United Kingdom 1759
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Brazil 1989
Metropolitan Museum of Art United States of America 1872
Musée d’Orsay France 1986
Museo del Prado Spain 1819
Musée National d’Art Moderne France 1947
Museum of Modern Art United States of America 1929
National Art Center Japan 2007
National Gallery United Kingdom 1824
National Gallery of Art United States of America 1937
Reina Sofia Spain 1986
Rijksmuseum Netherlands 1800
State Hermitage Russia 1764
Shanghai Museum China 1952
Tate Modern United Kingdom 2000
The Louvre France 1793
Van Gogh Museum Netherlands 1976
Vatican Museums Italy 1506


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