online database of classic Atari video games

AtariAge is a website that is mostly about classic Atari video games. It features gaming news, historical archives, discussion forums, and an online store. It was founded in 1998.[1]

Type of site
Online database about classic Atari video games
Available inEnglish
Launched1998; 24 years ago (1998)
Current statusOnline

Atari Age is named after the 1982–84 Atari Age magazine. AtariAge also features a searchable database of many things related to Atari video games, including manuals, packaging art, estimated rarity, screenshots, reviews and more, and also an Atari Age magazine archive. A community of homebrew developers for Atari and other classic video game systems is also hosted.[2] Some homebrew games AtariAge published first have been included in official video game compilations, such as Activision Anthology.[3]


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