Atlantic Hockey

NCAA Men's Division I Ice Hockey conference

The Atlantic Hockey Association (AHA), also known for short as Atlantic Hockey, was a group of American colleges and universities that played NCAA Division I men's ice hockey against one another every season. The conference began play in 1997 as the hockey league of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference and became a separate entity in 2003. It operated through the 2023–24 season, after which it merged with the women-only College Hockey America (CHA) to form Atlantic Hockey America.[1]

The United States Air Force Academy playing hockey against Mercyhurst College

Before the merger, the Association and CHA were closely linked. Although the conferences had separate bylaws and governing boards, they had a single commissioner and a combined office staff from 2010 to the merger.[2] Also, three of the Association's final members housed their women's teams in CHA. All members of both conferences became members of the merged AHA.

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