Au pair

person, usually young girl, travelling from one country to another to live in a family and do household work, with childcare as the main work task

An au pair is a person from a foreign country who lives in a family for typically a year or two while performing household work in the family's home. An au pair is usually a young girl in her late teens or early 20s. They take care of children as major worktasks. Some au pairs also attend language courses some hours each week.

Responsibilities of an Au pair change

  • Getting the kids up in the morning[1]
  • Getting babies and young kids dressed
  • Bathing them and spending time playing
  • Cooking meals for the kids
  • Taking care of their stuff Making their beds and tidying their rooms
  • Washing their clothes
  • Cleaning the kitchen after meals
  • Tidying the play area after playtime
  • Taking kids to school, appointments, or outings
  • Staying with them when they're sick or on vacation (for au pairs in certain programs)

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