Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly

unicameral legislature of the Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly is the only chamber of the unicameral legislature of the Australian Capital Territory. It sits in the Legislative Assembly Building in Canberra.

Legislative Assembly
10th Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Founded11 May 1989; 34 years ago (11 May 1989)
Preceded byHouse of Assembly
Joy Burch, Labor
since 31 October 2016
Deputy Speaker
Mark Parton, Liberal
since November 2020
Manager of Government
Mick Gentleman, Labor
since February 2016
Government whip
Andrew Barr, Labor
since 11 December 2014
Elizabeth Lee, Liberal
since 27 October 2020
Political groups
Government (16)
  Labor (10)
  Greens (6)[1]
Opposition (9)
  Liberal (9)
Length of term
4 years
Hare–Clark electoral system
First election
4 March 1989
Last election
17 October 2020
Next election
19 October 2024
Meeting place
Legislative Assembly Building, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

References change

  1. While the Greens sit in the cabinet of the ACT Government, three Greens MLAs sit on the backbench, allowing them to put forward private members' bills and question ministers. All 6 Greens MLAs are party to the Parliamentary (Coalition) agreement. This agreement sets out “two-party government” principles & binds Greens MLAs