Autoroute Info

radio station in France

Autoroute Info is a radio station in France serving central-eastern and Rhône-Alpes motorways, broadcasting in 107.7 MHz since 10/1991. It serves the entire APRR, AREA, ATMB, SFTRF, Adelac and some of Granoble with 2.500km of motorways. It has two studios: Dijon and Chambéry.

The station has 100 staff, with 27 permanent journalists, including 11 work on the air.

Programming change

Autoroute Info is LIVE 24/7.

Every quarter-hour, a traffic round-up is broadcast, featuring latest conditions, updated continuously, with the possibility to break its programming to alert listeners about an accident, or a severe weather event.

In the rest of the schedule, Autoroute Info broadcasts some short segments related to listeners (like sports, highways, safety, tourism,...) and a very unique music playlist (300 songs per day). The station also carries news flash at :15 and :45 every hour from the country's all news station France Info.