Avar language

language belonging to the Avar–Andic group of the Northeast Caucasian language family

The Avar language (self-designation магӀарул мацӀ [maʕarul maʦʼ] "language of the mountains" or Авар мацӀ [awar maʦʼ] "Avar language") belongs to the Avar-Andi-Tsez subgroup of the Alarodian Northeast-Caucasian (or Nakh-Dagestani) language family. It is spoken most in the eastern and southern parts of the Russian Caucasus republic of Dagestan, and the Balaken, Zakatala north-west area of Azerbaijan.

магӀарул мацӀ maʕarul macʼ
Native toRussia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey
RegionRepublic of Dagestan
Native speakers
Language codes
ISO 639-1av
ISO 639-2ava
ISO 639-3ava