Avi Cohen

Israeli football player-manager (1956-2010)

Avaraham "Avi" Cohen (Hebrew: אבי כהן; November 14, 1956 - December 29, 2010) was the first international football star to come from Israel.[1] Born in Cairo, he joined the Maccabi Tel Aviv football club in 1975 and within a year was playing for the Israel national football team.[1] He joined the Liverpool F.C. in 1979 and played with 24 games for them.[2] He went back to Israel but did return to Britain to play 15 games with the Glasgow Rangers.[1] He retired from playing in 1990 and became the chairman of the Israel Professional Footballers Association.[1] He was also football manager.

Avi Cohen, 1990

Cohen died from head injuries in 2010 after his motorbike was hit by a car in Tel Aviv.[1] He was not wearing a proper helmet, which also was not buckled up, when he was hit.[3]

His son, Tamir, plays football in England for the Bolton Wanderers F.C.[2]

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