BMT Nassau Street Line

New York City Subway line

The BMT Nassau Street Line is a line of the New York City Subway. It is used by two main services, J and Z, as well as a small part of the M train. Services using the line are colored brown.

BMT Nassau Street Line
"J" train "M" express train "Z" train
The J and Z, which use the Nassau Street Line through downtown, are colored brown.
One station is also served by the [[<M> (New York City Subway service)|<M>]], which is now part of the BMT Nassau St Line.
OwnerCity of New York
TerminiEssex Street
Broad Street
TypeRapid transit
SystemNew York City Subway
Operator(s)New York City Transit Authority
Daily ridership126,833[1]
Number of tracks2–4
Track gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Electrification600V DC third rail
Route map
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Station listing

Station service legend
  Stops all times
  Stops all times except late nights
  Stops late nights only
  Stops weekdays only
  Stops rush hours only
  Stops rush hours in the peak direction only
Time period details
  Station is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  ↑ Station is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act
in the indicated direction only
  Elevator access to mezzanine only
  Station Services Opened Transfers and notes
Begins as the BMT Jamaica Line from the Williamsburg Bridge (J   M   Z  ​)
Lower East Side Essex Street J   M   Z   September 16, 1908[2] IND Sixth Avenue Line (F   <F>  ​) at Delancey Street
Split to Chrystie Street Connection (M  )
Bowery J  Z   August 4, 1913
Chinatown   Canal Street J  Z   August 4, 1913 BMT Broadway Line (N  Q  R  W  )
IRT Lexington Avenue Line (4  6   <6>  )
Former Connection to Manhattan Bridge south tracks
Civic Center   Chambers Street J  Z   August 4, 1913 IRT Lexington Avenue Line (4  5  6   <6>  ) at Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall
Financial District   Fulton Street J  Z   May 29, 1931 IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line (2  3  )
IRT Lexington Avenue Line (4  5  )
IND Eighth Avenue Line (A  C  )
Connection to BMT Broadway Line (N  R  W  ) at Cortlandt Street via Dey Street Passageway
Connection to PATH at World Trade Center
Broad Street J  Z   May 29, 1931
Terminus of all service
Line merges with the BMT Broadway Line (N   R  ) and becomes the BMT Fourth Avenue Line via the Montague Street Tunnel


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