B (musical note)

musical note

B, Ti or Si is a musical note and is the first note of the B major scale.

B Note

Designation by octave change

Scientific designation Helmholtz designation Octave name Frequency (Hz)
B−1 B͵͵͵ or ͵͵͵B or BBBB Subsubcontra 15.434
B0 B͵͵ or ͵͵B or BBB Subcontra 30.868
B1 B͵ or ͵B or BB Contra 61.735
B2 B Great 123.471
B3 b Small 246.942
B4 b′ One-lined 493.883
B5 b′′ Two-lined 987.767
B6 b′′′ Three-lined 1975.533
B7 b′′′′ Four-lined 3951.066
B8 b′′′′′ Five-lined 7902.133
B9 b′′′′′′ Six-lined 15804.266
B10 b′′′′′′′ Seven-lined 31608.531

C change

C is the same pitch as B but is not usually seen as the same. It is used in an instance where B♭ comes before a B natural and a C♭ is used in place of the B to avoid confusion.