Backpacking (travel)

low-cost, lightweight, independent and often international travel

Backpacking is a form of low-cost and basically independent travel. Backpacker is the term for those who travel by carrying a light backpack for a relatively long period of time.

The cost of backpacking depends on the duration of traveling. No matter how long they are planning to travel, backpackers also need to spend money on eating, sleeping and moving. Backpacking travel type minimizes the cost by choosing cheap accommodation, such as youth hostels. One of the popular ones is Youth Hostels Association (YHA). Many hostels are registered with YHA, and they have common standards. Depending on room types and season, the cost varies from $10 to $60 per night. Sometimes backpackers book accommodations at low rate and stay as a paying guest while on a long journey. Portals like, accumulates such kind of paying guest accommodations

Backpackers are highly connected to each other. They get information not only from the internet, but also from a bulletin board of their accommodation, Backpackers. They share their information how to get to the destination wisely and about shops or restaurants on the bulletin board. Some backpackers depend on couch surfing, not spending money on accommodation, visiting local people's houses. There are Backpackers Group in reach region, who plan their trip on regular intervals year around.