Baldr Bullet: Equilibrium

Baldr Bullet: Equilibrium is an Action game, developed by TGL and published by Alchemist, which was released in Japan in October 25, 2007.

Baldr Bullet: Equilibrium
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
  • JP: 25 October 2007

Plot & story


Sometime in the near future, the South American rain forest serves as the backdrop of a war between two factions - those who support the Baldr governing technology and those who don't. To ensure that the skirmishes and conflicts don't expand, the BS-OSA or Baldr System - Observation Structure Army is set up to police the region. Inside the Army is a special unit known as SERR14 (Observation Structure Army South American Experimental Riot Regiment the 14th) which is comprised of elite soldiers and operatives such as Sergey Kirkland and Dullahan Cuningham.

An era in which the world is managed by the computer network "Baldr system". There was a long and insidious war between the system-believing baldist and the dangerous anti-baldist. The story begins when a young officer is assigned to the 14th Experimental Launch Regiment for South America of the Baldr System Surveillance Army "BS-OSA", which was established as a shock absorbing material for both parties.



The game progresses in two modes: an adventure mode in which the text is read and the development is decided according to the options, and a battle mode in which the robot weapon HAWS is operated to fight.

HAWS has a wide variety of weapons, and you can select 12 types of weapons, 3 for each of the 4 types of attack methods: long-range, short-range, dash, and short dash. This combination of equipment allows for a variety of continuous attacks, but if the heat gauge that rises with each attack is full, you will not be able to use your weapon and you will have to wait for the gauge to decrease. By using the equipment in battle, you can get the benefits of improving power, reducing the amount of heat gauge rise, and developing new weapons.

Character voice


The cast is in the order of PC remake version / PS2 from the left

Sergei Kirkland

Voice: None / Hidemitsu Shimizu

The main character of this work. A competent non-commissioned officer assigned to BS-OSA and SERR14 from the Russian Special Forces, he will belong to the D Battalion Special Mobile Squadron / HAWS Platoon. He had a strong anti-Baldist father and grew up in such a family style, but he is non-political. I am devoting myself to hacking such as customization on the software side. The aircraft is HAWS-MG, which is the basic type of humanoid weapon.

Rebecca Prusienko

Voice: Miru / Kanako Sakai

Professional military personnel with a strong volunteer spirit. She is a so-called honor student type woman who believes that she will become a human being all over the world by doing her best and devotes herself to her duties. He has a bright and energetic personality. The aircraft is an agile HAWS-BT (Horse Betty).

Faye Marina

Voice: Konami Ohnami / Yuko Miyamura

A fierce man who is good at fighting, he mechanizes the whole body except for a part of the brain. He hates terrorists and the Baldr system, and indirectly throws himself into an organization that is hostile to the Baldr system. The aircraft is a heavyweight HAWS-LC (Hose Lucy).

Yoo Young Ha

Voice: Ichigo Momoi / Naomi Shindo

In addition to transporting HAWS carriers to the battle zone, he started HAWS and was in charge of repairing and refueling damaged areas. He is the heart of the HAWS platoon and the mechanized platoon, and is called "Ofukurosan" with respect by HAWS riders. He doesn't want to be called that, but he doesn't seem to be crazy. It seems that he has no special feelings about the Baldr system. I am on good terms with Theresia.

Aso Natsume

Voice: Yu Ochi / Haruko Momoi

He has a deep knowledge of cybernetics and cybernetics, is in charge of maintenance of Faye, and is also a professional in cybernetics and the mental care derived from it. He is also familiar with old anime and manga. Manipulate the Osaka dialect. It does not show any overt hostility to the Baldr system, but it seems that it is planning something.

Theresia Anissina

Voice: Momoka Shizuno / Kaori Nazuka

A girl who seems to be a civilian who appears in the base. He often takes care of flowers behind the dormitory and has become a mascot for everyone. Brigadier General Lena Buttiliskaya is called "Mama".

Kana Abitbol

Voice: An Kasuga / Houko Kuwashima

A mysterious girl of unknown affiliation. Basic conversation is done by gestures. He is also modest in his remarks and lacks independence.

Dullahan Cunningham

Voice: Koji Ishii / Joji Nakata

A genuine military man, a HAWS rider who is in the high rank category. He is also a legendary figure who showed superhuman activity in the Port Island conflict. The aircraft is HAWS-MG.

Stephen Bernandez

Voice: TAGOSAKU / / Tomoichi Toriyama

A genius hacker with a PhD in the field of mathematics and electronics. I prefer to use the language form used in "a region" of NET before the old century.

Sortia Windy

Voice: GUNTA / Ami Higasayama

A corporal who infiltrates the enemy's camp deeply on any battlefield, gets information and returns safely, so he is nicknamed "Undeath". Contrary to his excellence, he has a weak personality and reports while crying halfway.

Lena Buttilis Kaya

Voice: Yuki-Lin / Kikuko Inoue

He is the commander of the SERR14 regiment and is a brigadier general. It's so cold and dignified that you can't think of a strange-aged woman.

Xiao Marie McNamara

Voice: Sakuya / Asami Sanada

A secretary who was seconded from HAWS development company Jahanam, not a military personnel. Leader of three daughters.

Henna Prakash

Voice: Karen Kusano / Momoko Saito

A petite child of three clerical daughters.

Serena Gerdi

Voice: Ren Minazuki / Fumie Mizusawa

A gentle child of three clerical daughters.

Rosa O'Brien

Voice: Miki Takakura / Miki Ito

Psychological stability room manager. She is dressed like a church sister, but denies being called that. In this era, the significance of religion has diminished due to the benefits of the Baldr system, and there seems to be something to think about such a trend.

Yuha Thezerak

Voice: Mai Sato / Megumi Toyoguchi

Army surgeon. Being a young woman, Sergei initially thought she was a nurse.

Anti-personnel landmines

Voice: Kanako Sakai

PS2 version only appeared.

Original picture: Seiji Kikuchi

PC remake version theme song: Emphatic -REVELLION-

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: a.k.a.dRESS (ave; new)

Song: ave; new feat.C; LINE PS2 version theme song: R, G, B ...

Lyrics / Composition / Song: Haruko Momoi Movie: Kagetsusha Planning / Production: Caricature

Published in "Dengeki G's Festival! COMIC" vol.1-2 with the title of PS2 version "Bald Bullet Ecribrium". The drawing is Go Yabuki.

It is a short story of two episodes, and as of 2010, it is not included in the book.



"Bald Bullet Radiobrium" is a boy alchemist and Otoizumi from September 5, 2007 to 200? A radio program that was distributed until the date.


Hidemitsu Shimizu (role of Sergei Kirkland)

Kanako Sakai (Rebecca Prusienko / Interpersonal land mine)

Tomoichi Toriyama (role of Stephan Bernandez)

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