Bambi's Children

1939 novel by Felix Salten

Bambi's Children, The Story of a Forest Family (German: Bambis Kinder. Eine Familie im Walde) is a book written by Felix Salten, first printed and translated from German to English in 1939. It is a sequel to Salten's book Bambi, A Life in the Woods. It was first published in German only in the following year.[1]

Bambi's Children
AuthorFelix Salten
Original titleBambis Kinder: Eine Familie im Walde
TranslatorBarthold Fles
IllustratorHans Bertle (Swiss edition)
Erna Pinner (U.S. edition)
PublisherBobbs-Merrill (US)
Albert Müller (Switzerland)
Publication date
Published in English
Media typePrint (Hardback)
LC ClassPZ10.3.S176 Bap10
Preceded byBambi, a Life in the Woods 

The main characters are Bambi's twin fawns, Geno, male, and Gurri, female; it also stars their friends, another pair of fawns named Lana and Boso. Lana and Boso are the children of Aunt Rolla, a doe met later in the course of the novel. Two more new characters are introduced—Nello and Membo, the orphans. The overall storyline is how Geno and Gurri learn the pleasures as well as downsides of nature and their forest home. Bambi, A Life in the Woods, the original story of Bambi, is much darker than the sequel. Unlike its predecessor, Bambi's Children ends when Geno begins to grow his antlers, whereas Bambi, A Life in the Woods continues until Bambi's children are born. In the end, Faline, knowing the time is right, sends off her children to live their own lives.

What may be interesting to readers is that it is not possible to determine whether Bambi's Children is a sequel to the book Bambi or a midquel as there are no references to the former which makes one able to place the latter. The language of Bambi's Children is more gentle than that of Bambi, A Life in the Woods.[2]

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