archaeological site in Cambodia

A baray (Khmer: បារាយណ៍) is a man-made body of water. They are a common part of the architectural style of the Khmer Empire of Southeast Asia. The largest are the East Baray and West Baray. They are in the Angkor area. Each is rectangular in shape, oriented east-west and measuring about 5 by 1.5 mi (8.0 by 2.4 km). Historians are not certain about the meaning and functions of barays. Some think that they were spiritual. They think they represent the Sea of Creation around Mount Meru. Others sau that they held water for irrigation of fields. Others believe that it was used to store water. This is the current most popular theory. It is possible that the function was a combination of these reasons, or others.

Baray Srah Srang.

Coordinates: 13°26′03″N 103°48′01″E / 13.4342°N 103.8003°E / 13.4342; 103.8003