large container for holding water in which a person may bathe

A bath (UK English) or bathtub (US English) is a basin large enough for people sit in when washing their body. The bath is usually in the bathroom. A less common name for a bath is a washtub.

A bath (bathtub, washtub)

Sometimes people will add scents, oils and salts to the bath for better experience and relaxation.

A bath is also a place where people can sit in water (or other liquids, often hot) for their health. This is where the town name Bath comes from. Public baths for relaxing were built in all parts of the Roman Empire. The earliest known baths on record appeared somewhere around mid-2000 BCE in Knossos, Crete, Greece. Another society known for their love of public bathing were the Romans. They invented the Thermae, which were grand in size, while Balineaes were smaller in stature. Similar to the Greeks, the Romans also used these places for socialising, while the rich and wealthy would build their own private bathhouses at home.[1]



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