Battle of Curupaity

battle of the Paraguayan War

The Battle of Curupaity happened between the joint force (composed of Empire of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) and Paraguay during the War of the Triple Alliance on September 22, 1866.

Battle of Curupayty
Part of the Paraguay War
Paraguayan soldiers in Curupaity shooting the enemy troops.
DateSeptember 22, 1866
Curupayty, Paraguay
Result Paraguay won
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay,
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina,
Flag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg Empire of Brazil
Commanders and leaders
José E. Díaz Flag of Argentina.svg Bartolomé Mitre,
Flag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg Tamandaré (Navy)
5,000 20,000
Casualties and losses
92 killed 4,000 killed