Battle of Rimini (1944)

Part of the September 1944 battle during the Italian Campaign in the Second World War

The Battle of Rimini was a battle during World War II. It happened between 13 and 21 September 1944 in Rimini in Italy.

Battle of Rimini
Part of Italian Campaign (World War II)

German trucks driving through muddy, flooded and unpaved roads near Rimini; typical terrain encountered during the offensive.
Date13–21 September 1944
Result Allied victory
 United Kingdom
Canada Canada
 Kingdom of Greece
 New Zealand
Commanders and leaders
Canada E. L. M. Burns
Kingdom of Greece Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos
Nazi Germany Traugott Herr
Greece 3,377

The battle was part of Operation Olive. This was the main Allied attack on the Gothic Line in August and September 1944. This was part of the Italian Campaign in the Second World War.

The Rimini Line was a German defensive line which was part of the Gothic Line. Rimini had 1,470,000 rounds fired against it by allied forces.



On 23 August 1944 Eighth Army launched Operation Olive. It attacking the eastern side of Italy. By the first week in September the attack had broken through the defences of the Gothic Line.



The 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade stopped two strong German attacks on 8 and 10 September. On 13 September the brigade tried to capture Rimini. The Germans were well prepared and held off the Greeks.

The following day 7 and 8 Troop of the B Squadron, 20th Armoured Regiment were added to the attack. The German defenders left.

On 15 September the Greeks attacked the Rimini airfield. Allied bombers attacked the western side of the airfield, and the Greeks attacked afterwards. The Germans attacked with fire from infantry, anti-tank rockets (Panzerschrecks), self-propelled guns, and emplaced Panther turrets.

The following day (17 September) the three battalions continued their advance. Once the airfield was taken the 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade turned towards Rimini. On 18 September the 2nd and 3rd Battalions moved towards Rimini.

On the morning of 21 September, the 2nd Greek Battalion reached the city and raised the Greek flag on the municipal building. At 7:45 of 21 September the mayor surrendered the city to the 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade.