Beaux Arts Trio

US-american piano trio

The Beaux Arts Trio was a famous piano trio. The three musicians (a violinist, cellist and pianist first performed together in public on 13 July 1955 at the Berkshire Music Festival, known today as the Tanglewood Music Center. Their last American concert was held at Tanglewood on 21 August 2008. Their last concert was in Lucerne, Switzerland on 6 September 2008.

The Beaux Arts Trio made many recordings including all the well-known works for piano, violin and cello.

When the trio started its members were:

The pianist was Menahem Pressler during its whole existence.

There were several changes of violinist: After Daniel Guilet left they were: Isidore Cohen (1968~), Ida Kavafian (1992~), Yung Uck Kim (1998~), Daniel Hope (2002~)

Bernard Greenhouse stayed with the group until 1987. After that the cellists were Peter Wiley (1987~), Antonio Meneses (1998~)

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