Beisfjord massacre

prison camp massacre in Norway, 1942

The Beisfjord massacre (Norwegian: Beisfjord-massakren) was a massacre on 18 July 1942 in Beisfjord, Norway of 288 political[1] prisoners who were killed at the concentration camp in Beisfjord: ["Beisfjord camp number 1"] Lager I Beisfjord

Yugoslav survivor at the Beisfjord memorial. Below the Serbo-Croatian text, Norwegian is inscribed: "This monolith was erected in 1949 in gratitude, by the populaces of Norway and Yugoslavia, in memory of the more than 500 Yugoslavians - victims of Nazism that died in the German Beisfjord camp - 1942-43 - They were faithful to their fatherland and liberty - until death"

The massacre was ordered a few days earlier by the Reichskommissar for Norway Josef Terboven.[1]

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