Bihu Loukon

mud fort in Manipur, India

The star fort located at Maklang, Imphal West, Manipur, India. It is hypothesized that, it is constructed taking in to account, the holy drawing of one of the supreme God of Meitei religion, Ibudhou Pakhangba. The drawing itself is known as, "Ibudhou Pakhangba gi Paphal".

"Bhupura", two square blocks superimposed. "Trikona" an imaginary six pointed star, drawn using two triangles, depicted inside "Bhupura".
"Ibudhou Pakhangba gi Paphal".

The Bihu Loukon (Meitei: ꯕꯤꯍꯨ ꯂꯧꯀꯣꯟ) is an ancient star shaped mud fort located in the Maklang region of Imphal West district in the Indian state of Manipur.[1][2][3]

An aerial view of the fort, shot from Google Earth in 2013.

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