Black Palestinians

Black people residing in or with familial ties to Palestine

Black Palestinians are black people who live in or have family from Palestine. They are also called Afro-Palestinians because many have ancestors from Africa. In history, many black people were forced to go to Palestine as slaves by the Ottoman Empire.[1] Some of them were also enslaved by Palestinian Bedouins.[2] There are also Black Palestinians who came as immigrants from Africa.[3] Today, they still face discrimination because of their race as well as occupation by Israel. One neighborhood in Gaza with many Black Palestinians is known by an insulting name for slaves.[4] A minority of African Palestinians which number around 350-450 reside in an African enclave (Hai al-Afaarika) around the Bab al-Majlis, the northern gate, contiguous to the Haram al-Sharif, in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem, which also contains several micro-communities composed of Indians, Domari Gypsies, Afghans, and Moroccans.

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