Blood Red Shoes

English alternative rock duo from Brighton

Blood Red Shoes are an indie music band from Brighton, England. Blood Red Shoes's first album was Box of Secrets. There are two members: Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. They are often compared to "The White Stripes" due to the boy-girl drum-guitar setup, but they dislike this comparison and, indeed, the White Stripes themselves. Laura-Mary plays guitar while Steven plays drums.

Blood Red Shoes
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Background information
OriginEngland Brighton, England
GenresAlternative rock
Punk rock
Years active2005–present
MembersSteven Ansell (Vocals and drums)
Laura-Mary Carter (Vocals and guitar)



Title Release Date UK Singles Chart Album
"Victory for the Magpie" (EP) 18 July 2005 - -
"Stitch Me Back / Meet Me at Eight" (Double A-Side) 20 February 2006 - -
"A.D.H.D" 15 May 2006 - -
"You Bring Me Down" 20 November 2006 - I'll Be Your Eyes
"It's Getting Boring by the Sea" 11 June 2007 - I'll Be Your Eyes
"I Wish I Was Someone Better" 29 October 2007 - Box of Secrets
"You Bring Me Down" (Re-Release) 04 February 2008 64 Box of Secrets
"Say Something, Say Anything" 07 April 2008 79 Box of Secrets
"This Is Not for You" 07 July 2008 - Box of Secrets


Title Release Date UK Album Chart
Box of Secrets 14 April 2008 47
Fire like This 1 March 2010 95
In Time to Voices 24 july 2012 61
Blood Red Shoes 3 march 2014 49
Get Tragic 25 january 2019 58