Blood Red Shoes


Blood Red Shoes are an indie music band from Brighton, England. Blood Red Shoes's first album was Box of Secrets. There are two members: Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. They are often compared to "The White Stripes" due to the boy-girl drum-guitar setup, but they dislike this comparison and, indeed, the White Stripes themselves. Laura-Mary plays guitar while Steven plays drums.

Blood Red Shoes
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Background information
OriginEngland Brighton, England
GenresAlternative rock
Punk rock
Years active2005–present
MembersSteven Ansell (Vocals and drums)
Laura-Mary Carter (Vocals and guitar)



Title Release Date UK Singles Chart Album
"Victory for the Magpie" (EP) 18 July 2005 - -
"Stitch Me Back / Meet Me at Eight" (Double A-Side) 20 February 2006 - -
"A.D.H.D" 15 May 2006 - -
"You Bring Me Down" 20 November 2006 - I'll Be Your Eyes
"It's Getting Boring by the Sea" 11 June 2007 - I'll Be Your Eyes
"I Wish I Was Someone Better" 29 October 2007 - Box of Secrets
"You Bring Me Down" (Re-Release) 04 February 2008 64 Box of Secrets
"Say Something, Say Anything" 07 April 2008 79 Box of Secrets
"This Is Not for You" 07 July 2008 - Box of Secrets


Title Release Date UK Album Chart
Box of Secrets 14 April 2008 47