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Bobinogs (original Welsh title: Bobinogi) is a British children's television programme that was shown on CBeebies. It was first shown in Wales, then the rest of the United Kingdom in 2003. At first, the main characters (Ogi, Bobin and Nib) lived in the hat of a child named Owen (played by David Bursey), and were inanimate without him. Owen was later removed from the series so the characters were always shown living.

StarringDavid Pursey
Country of originWales, United Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
Executive producer(s)Simon Grover
Elen Rhys
Producer(s)Elen Rhys
Production company(s)BBC Wales
Original networkCBeebies
Original release6 March 2003 –
28 November 2016

The three main characters play in a band. They try to solve a problem in most episodes. In the episode, they find a clue to solve it by looking through their "Bobinoculars", which show video footage from the real world. A song about the problem is played at the end of the episode.


Main charactersEdit

  • Owen (played by David Pursey)
  • Ogi - drums and DJ (voiced by Martyn Ellis)
  • Bobin - keyboards (voiced by Dionne Morgan)
  • Nib - vocals (voiced by Michelle McTernan)

Other charactersEdit

  • Mangu Bobknot (voiced by Olwen Rees)
  • Ollie Mindybob (voiced by Martyn Ellis)
  • Robina (voiced by Dionne Morgan)
  • Molly (voiced by Olwen Rees)
  • Fireman Owen (voiced by Martyn Ellis)
  • Nibin (voiced by Michelle McTernan)
  • Phil the Shelf (voiced by Martyn Ellis)
  • Cyril the Dragon (voiced by Martyn Ellis)
  • Brenda the Bus (voiced by Dionne Morgan)
  • Nogdog (voiced by Martyn Ellis and Morgan Hopkins)

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