Boris II of Bulgaria

Tsar of the Bulgarians
Boris II, Tzar of Bulgaria

Boris II of Bulgaria was an emperor (Tsar) of Bulgaria. He was emperor from 969 to 971.[1] His father was Peter I of Bulgaria. When Peter died in 969, his son Boris was being held in Constantinople by the Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus II.[2] The Byzantines apparently allowed Boris to return to Bulgaria. When he arrived he was immediately proclaimed Tzar Boris II.[2] Sviatoslav I of Kiev, who had earlier subdued parts of Bulgaria, returned in August 969 and subdued the remaining parts of Bulgaria.[3] He allied himself to Boris II in order to get his Bulgarian soldiers to fight against the Byzantines.[3] The new Byzantine Emperor, John I Tzimisces invaded Bulgaria. By the end of 971 all of Bulgaria was in Byzantine hands.[4] By that time Boris II had abdicated.[4]


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