Boudoir (Amisani)

painting by Giuseppe Amisani

Boudoir (also known as La Toeletta) is a 20th-century painting. It measures 18x24 centimeters, in oils. It is by the italian painter Giuseppe Amisani, done in 1918. It is in the collection of Museum Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Milan (inventory number 1958).

The Boudoir
Italian: La Toeletta, French: Le Boudoir
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ArtistGiuseppe Amisani
TypeOil on poplar
Dimensions46 cm × 61 cm (18 in × 24 in)
LocationGalleria d'Arte Moderna, Milan

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The work shows a lady from behind, looking in the mirror of her boudoir. The method is: "gelatina bromuro d'argento/carta", so it is not a traditional painting, but a bromide print.

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