List of knots

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This page is a list of knots.

Name Image Use
Alpine butterfly knot Schmetterlingsknoten4.JPG making a loop in the middle of a rope
Bowline Lassoknoten.jpg making a loop at the end of a rope
Clove hitch Nodo-barcaiolo.JPG tying a rope around an object
Constrictor knot ConstrictorKnot HowTo.jpg tying a rope to another rope
Overhand knot Vůdcovský uzel.jpg
Reef knot
also called square knot
Knoten Kreuzknoten.jpg tying two ropes together
Sheet bend Schotstek links.jpg joining the ends of two ropes
Two half-hitches Dubbelehalvesteek.svg attaching a rope to another object