British Rail Class 139

class of single-car lightweight railcars

Class 139 is the TOPS classification[2] for PPM60 model lightweight railcar units built by Parry People Movers for use on the national rail network in Great Britain. The class were originally built in 2008 for operation on the Stourbridge Town Branch Line.

British Rail Class 139
139 001 on display at Tyseley, 28 June 2008.
In service2008-
ManufacturerParry People Movers
Family namePPM
Number built2 vehicles under construction
Formation1 car
Operator(s)London Midland
Line(s) servedStourbridge Town Branch Line
Car length9.6 m[1]
Width2.4 m[1]
Height3.2 m[1]
Maximum speed65 km/h (40 mph)[1]
Traction system1,000–2,600 RPM flywheel[1]
Prime mover(s)Ford DSG423 diesel[1]
Track gaugeStandard gauge (1,435 mm)

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