British Rail Class 432

class of 15 British “tractor” electric multiple unts

The British Rail 4-REP electric multiple units were built by BR at York Works from 1966-1967 and 1974. The units were built to power the 4-TC trailer units on services on the South Western Main Line. Fifteen four-car units were built. The motor coaches were new build, but the trailers were converted from Mk1 hauled stock. They were initially classified as Class 441 and numbered 3001-3015. This was later changed to Class 430, under which they spent the majority of their working lives. Shortly before withdrawal they were reclassified Class 432 and the units were renumbered to 2001-2015.

British Rail Class 432 (4-REP)
In service1966–1992
ManufacturerBritish Rail
Built atYork Works
Family nameBR Mark 1 EMU
Constructed1966–1967, 1974
Number built15 Sets
Formation4 cars: DMSO-TRB-TBFK-DMSO
Fleet numbers3001–3015, later 2001–2015
Capacity24 First, 128 Standard, 23 buffet seats
Operator(s)British Rail
Depot(s)Bournemouth TMD
Car lengthDMSO: 19.75 m (64 ft 10 in)
TRB/TBFK: 19.65 m (64 ft 6 in)
Width2.82 m (9 ft 3 in)
Maximum speed90 mph (145 km/h)
WeightDMSO: 52.5 t (51.7 long tons; 57.9 short tons)
TRB: 34.6 t (34.1 long tons; 38.1 short tons)
TBFK: 35.7 t (35.1 long tons; 39.4 short tons)
Total: 175.3 t (172.5 long tons; 193.2 short tons)
Traction systemEE546 traction motors of 300 kW (400 hp), 8 off
Power outputTotal: 2,400 kW (3,200 hp)
Power supplyThird rail
Electric system(s)750 V DC
Braking system(s)Air (Auto and Electro-Pneumatic)
Safety system(s)AWS Automatic Warning System
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)